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Housing Sites Inventory For the 2024-2032 Housing Element

A key component of the Housing Element is the identification of sufficient development capacity to meet the County’s housing needs over the 8-year planning period of the Housing Element (2024-2032). As part of Madera County’s efforts in updating the Housing Element, an inventory of sites that are compliant with State legislative requirements and can accommodate housing units have been identified.  The identified sites will be within the Housing Element

The Madera County Housing Sites Inventory is now available for review. We continue to welcome feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts!

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The Housing Element identifies sites that are suitable for development and may implement programs to support housing development at different income affordability levels. The selected sites are opportunities for housing development.

Subareas were established to help identify and arrange different locations within the county’s geography and were established solely for the purposes of the sites inventory and evaluation. It is essential to highlight that these subareas are not necessarily separate legal areas like a city or neighborhood but have been created to identify and reference specific sites.

Housing opportunity sites shown in the maps below fall into four categories:

  • Existing Residential Urban Single-family zones (RUS) – sites suitable for the development of single-family houses.
  • Existing Residential Urban Multi-family zones (RUM) – sites suitable for the development of multi-family units like apartments or townhomes.
  • Proposed rezone to Residential Urban Multi-family (RUM) – sites which the County is proposing to rezone to allow multi-family units like apartments or townhomes.
  • Projects in process – Residential projects that are currently in development.

Click on the links below to review the proposed housing opportunity sites for various communities.

How to Get Involved 

Review the Inventory

Explore the maps to gain insight on the sites inventory.  

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